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I can't believe that I haven't posted anything here in so long. Well, its about time I did, I guess. After taking a few months off of actively auctioning on Ebay I am back at it. Unfortunately though, Ebay has increased their selling fees. Therefore, I am posting auctions with much higher price points to decrease fee percentages limited by their $250 maximum fee.

Long story short - I am posting multi-item lots at higher values that yield better buying opportunities for you. By selling larger quantities we will accept lower prices per item and bypass excess fees and increase the value of your investment.

Also, I have clarified the "Offer" process on our new "Make An Offer" page. Use our custom cart function to make an offer on one item or multiples simultaneously. We welcome and consider all realistic offers.

As is life, there is some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that we did not get around to entering any wrist wathces in the last three weeks since my last blog entry.

The good news is that we have somewhat refined our data entry processes and now we are capable of entering as many as 50 new items per week. That means that instead of 15 months for pocket watch entry we should be able to enter all the pocket watches within a few months.

At the same time we will have to mix in some other items, including those wrist watches that I mentioned in my last blog entry, so it will still take at least 5-6 more months to get everything entered.

Also, we are now set up to begin auctions on ebay.  You will be able to see all of our current auctions by visiting our  page at ebay.  Make sure you bid high and often.

Lastly, the newsletter function has also been enabled so you can sign up with your email address and whenever we send out updates you will receive an email with all the latest news.

Make sure to bookmark our site and keep checking back to see whats new.


Its now been two weeks since this project began.  The website itself is nearly complete yet the Items For Sale have only just started to be entered.  My brother and I have completed the images for another 30 pocket watches for sale including some very nice ones made by Illinois, Patek Phillipe, Waltham and Seth Thomas.

The images of the pocket watches are much better than our first attempt with the first 30 watches entered for sale and they show even better detail of these vintage treasures.

Look for the next set of 30 watches to be entered over the next week.  If we do the math, at this rate it will take us 15 months to enter all of the pocket watches for sale

Also this week we will try to enter all of the wrist watches that are part of this collection.  It will be much quicker and easier because there are only about 15 wrist watches for sale including one from Patek Phillipe.

For the few of you that may have stumbled across our website so far we thank you for the visit and urge you to come back again and often for your chance to purchase some of these amazing collectibles for sale.
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